Bend Sinister Walk Us Back To A Mental Breakdown In “Walk The Other Way”

A slow journey into your inner meltdown.

Photo: Courtesy of Auteur Research

Vancouver-based quartet Bend Sinister reminds us that you can’t attribute a breakdown to one event only – there are number of triggers or shits that an individual involuntarily hoards before reaching the breaking point. In their video “Walk The Other Way” we immediately find a man who loses his shit and jumps out of his office’s window. Granted, it is tragic but there is something so vicariously satisfying and freeing to see something that you’ve always dreamed of doing during work meetings. Anyways, the reverse chronology of the video starts off at the peak of the story and takes us back to what possibly could’ve gone wrong with a person’s day:

“Walk The Other Way is somewhat of a protest song for us and we wanted to try to do a narrative video that mirrored this same sentiment. We also thought it’d be fun to play with time and start at the end and work our way back to the start. Dan had a rough conceptual idea for the video that he handed off to moonshake media and they took it from there. Enjoy!” shared the band.

Produced/directed by Hans Goksoyr and David Brigden, “Walk The Other Way” conveys a dark humor that helps us reflect back the sources of our own anger. The single is from Bend Sinister’s EP The Other Way, which is out now. They are currently on tour:

1/21 – Big Winter Classic (Calgary, Canada)

1/22 – Rockwater (Golden, Canada)

2/23 – The Flying Steamshovel (Rossland, Canada)

2/24 – Hume Hotel (Nelson, Canada)