Dominion Acid’s “Disconnect” Is The Sound Of Your Computer’s PMS

Blissful electro dysmorphia

Photo: Courtesy of Dominion Acid

The first few seconds of Dominion Acid’s “Disconnect” sounds like hardcore house on acid where the DJ has gotten too high that he is lacerating every synth and sample into fragmented auto-tunes. And it’s a glorious chaos. “Disconnect” drops and crashes with the same deliberate consistency of dubstep that never lets the intensity go. Stream below:

In regards to the track, Dominion Acid explained that “It’s a story of a computer becoming frustrated with the constant need of helping others.”

Comprised of Sofi (vocals) and Jesse Oliver (electronics), Dominion Acid is a duo hailing from Helsinki, Finland who are keeping a low profile for now. The single is from their upcoming debut EP, which will be out this spring.