Future Jr.’s “Tell Me That I’m Wrong” Is Your Dream Pop Ticket To Reality Check

“A digital delusion, your posts don’t get too far / In intercepting the visible perception who you are”

Photo: Courtesy of Propeller Communications

If you’ve been procrastinating personal problems like the rest of us, then Future Jr.’s latest single “Tell Me That I’m Wrong” is the gentle nudge you need to start facing them. Built on a midtempo swelling ambience, “Tell Me That I’m Wrong” feels like the melodic embodiment of the internal dialogue we have with ourselves when trying to runaway from our own inner demons. Lyrically, the song captures the selective ignorance and self-judgment we experience in the process of accepting our own flaws:

“After going through a brutal seven months last year I realised I had to face a lot of the demons that I’d been running from. It’s a track written to myself signifying the power of accepting your shortfalls in order to make room for better things” shared Future Jr.

“Tell Me That I’m Wrong” is from Future Jr.’s upcoming EP Vacancy, which will be out on February 23rd.