JVLY Gracefully Fuses Jazz & Indietronica In His New EP ‘Ache’

Chill, seductive EP

Artwork by Bape Ril

If you were to throw an expensive rooftop party where they cater caviar, then JVLY’s new EP Ache would be the soundtrack of the entire night. It shouldn’t be dosed while being wasted on the dancefloor, but savored thoroughly while you’re pampering yourself with sophisticated-er adult treats – think of wine or Champaign. The opener “Ache” sets the sultry tone of the EP that continues further into “Stone” where the siren-like vocals of SARAI mesmerize you. In “Drowning,” the distorted synths and whirling melody move through your sin in wave-like motion. “Namek” ft. Chester Watson feels like a hybrid between dream and mediation, where the rap interludes of Watson feels like an inner dialogue we’ve all had with ourselves. The last track, “Void” ft. SARAI again, is the most bluesy and seductive track of the EP. “I wish you were someone else” chants SARAI. With silky voice and smoky chords, the track taps into the emotional emptiness that someone can leave behind. But JVLY gives it an unexpected ending by switching the entire melodic trajectory in 3:40 – it’s a sweet surprise:

“I made all of these songs with the thought of a visual in mind. If you’ve got a good idea of what a song might look like if it was translated to a screen, then it kind of becomes easier to steer it where you’re trying to go,” JVLY said.

While JVLY is mostly known for working solo, for this EP he decided to recruit SARAI and Chester Watson. “It’s weird because the whole project was probably like 75% complete before I even started working with anyone. The songs were written but they needed something. Sarai and Chester were the first two people I ever actually properly collaborated with. I’m used to putting things together alone, so having them involved and realising how aligned both of their inputs were with my vision was really interesting,” shared JVLY.

The Sydeny producer hasn’t shared any show dates yet.


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