Kayobe’s EP ‘Hidden’ Is A Cocktail Of Indietronica, Pop, R&B & Ambience

The sound of your existentialism and galaxy.

Photo: Courtesy of Kayobe

Kayobe journeys us through a surrealistic world of existentialism, self-discovery, and human bond in his new EP Hidden. The EP pushes the boundaries of all genres while keeping an indietronic base. There’s the rhythmic hook of pop that permeates in “Steppin” whereas you can feel the slow-burning isolating noise of R&B in “Sun Don’t Shine” ft. Olive B. In “Whiteout,” he takes you into a meditative distortion of dark ambience. The following track, “Let Go,” feels like you’re in the cosmos as the echoing croons tap into the inexplicable obsession that often haunts us. The final track “Monks of Trinity // Saturn” is a cinematic, smoky track that literally uses the sounds of space from NASA. Enjoy the beauty below:

Toronto-based Kevin O’ Brien is the mastermind behind Kayobe, who has already received critical acclaim for his other works that he released under different names. The EP’s available everywhere now.