VETO’s “A Pit” Is Soothing Rock For Information Overload Epidemic Victims

When your newsfeed becomes too much

Photo: Courtesy of VETO

Danish quintet VETO is kicking off 2018 by addressing the global epidemic of information overload in the new single “A Pit.” Powered by gliding strings and violin, “A Pit” is an ambient rock piece that captures the overwhelming intensity we often face when we get bombarded with too much news crap. If life seems to be speaking in hyperboles lately, then this is the song you can listen to while shutting down the world:

“‘A Pit’ circles the psychological problem around one only having symbols available to understand – experiencing a sort of alienation against the world, as a result. There is a reality that we cannot reach which is outside of our language, our symbols. We can’t get a pure reprieve from the constant stream of news that floods us daily. Could it be that the stream alters to ‘fit’ us? Or do we involuntarily see all impressions through a prism that transforms to our symbols, languages and interpretations?”

The track is taken from the quintet’s upcoming fourth album, 16 Colors, which will be out on February 9th. VETO started recording the album back in 2014, after taking a year off from their tour schedule, which they’ve been on since 2011. The record marks a new trajectory for the band since they have parted ways with their record label to exercise more creative freedom. The quintet will start hitting the road again in March:

3/8 – Skråen (Aalborg, Denmark)

3/9 – VoxHall (Aarhus, Denmark)***SOLD OUT

3/10 – Magasinet (Odense, Denmark)

3/14 – VoxHall (Aarhus, Denmark)

3/15 – Vega (Copenhagen, Denmark)***SOLD OUT

3/16 – Vega (Copenhagen, Denmark)

3/17 – Uebel & Gefährlich (Hamburg, Germany)

3/21 – Bi Nuu (Berlin, Germany)

3/22 – Gebäude 9 (Cologne, Germany)

3/24 – Paradiso (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

4/13 – Jyrock Festival (Jyväskylä, Finland)

4/14 – Korjaamo (Helsinki, Finland)