Isadora’s “Visions” Is Ethereal Pop For The Ambitiously Confused

“I got visions man, but not a single plan”

Photo: Courtesy of Whiteboard PR

LA-born songstress Isadora nails all the emotional, financial, and mental weight that we carry in finding our way to our dreams in her new synthpop single “Visions.” It is an edgy pop piece that utilizes hip-hop elements and soulful synths that take you rocketing into a retrospective space. Her echoing croons and snapping beats yield an exhilarating rush while the slow-burning ambience in the background sends you warm chill-friendly vibes. Stream below:

“Visions” is a glimpse of Isadora’s own struggle in getting over the pains of isolation and indifference that people often experience in depression. “As soon as I began writing songs, I felt like I had found something that could get me out of bed in the morning, something to look forward to, even though I was struggling with my own mental health” explained Isadora. “Ironically enough, as soon as I discovered that songwriting could be an effective tool in dealing with my depression, I was thrown into an absolutely soul-sucking world that felt to me like one big ‘battle royale’. I moved to a new city on my own, and witnessed firsthand so many young aspiring songwriters and artists being chewed up by this machine. It felt like everyone was competing, and where most would “fail”, a select few would “succeed” and obtain commercial success. I didn’t have the spirit for it, my self confidence was battered, so I became a recluse. I stayed in my bedroom all day and wrote and produced this EP instead.”

The track is from Isadora’s debut EP, Battle Royale, which was all written and produced by Isadora. No release date has been announced yet.