Reach A Higher State Of Mind With Rx Soul’s “Sea Changes”

Soulful melody for your reward center.

Photo: Courtesy of Whiteboard PR

If you are a novelty fiend, then Rx Soul’s “Sea Changes” is the soundtrack of your addiction. Layered with stuttering beats and piano drops, “Sea Changes” drifts between R&B and hip-hop where the edgy croons of Rx Soul cuts through the melodic fluidity. Admitting his lust for novelty and the next high, Rx Soul confesses what every thrill-seeking hunter carries in his or her mind:

“I wrote this song after realizing that much of my time was spent searching for the next high and relying on finding it. It’s an expression of my own reflection at the time, waking up to where I’d been.” explained Rx Soul.

We don’t know much about Rx Soul except that he is based in LA and will be releasing more music soon.