Wish Your Ex Bad Luck With Maria Lynn’s “Petty”

Pop song to curse your ex.

Photo: Courtesy of Whiteboard PR

Let’s face it – every fabulous pop song comes out of an ugly breakup. There’s something so cathartic and therapeutic about wishing your ex bad luck, especially if he ran off with some ho. Maria Lynn’s “Petty” captures that regret/hate emotions into one slick piece where her vocal prowess and magnetism instantly draws you in. While “Petty” has a rhythmic pulse that sticks, it leans towards the minimalistic side and allows Maria Lynn’s voice purge all the ex-related frustrations. Hit play:

“Petty” is the follow up of Maria’s latest video “Summer’s Gone,” which you can watch below:

Originally from New Jersey, Maria has already accumulated millions of streams online with her music. She’s been honing her craft since she was 13 (she’s currently 21) and continues to push the boundaries of pop with her latest works.