Get Your Anti-Love Groove On With FØNX’ “Don’t Feel Like Lovin’”

This is how you dance away from love.

Photo: FØNX – Don’t Feel Like Lovin’ (Official Video) YouTube

UK artist FØNX celebrates emotional detachment in his new video “Don’t Feel Like Lovin’” where we see him showcase upbeat groove moves that radiates the energy of a romantic. But it’s quite the opposite. In a way, FØNX pokes fun of the idea of love by juxtaposing its vibrant attributes with emotional removal. You can’t help but try to replicate his moves on the dancefloor:

“This video for me represents a journey of finding love to loosing love and finding yourself as an independent person again. I’ve always had this battle with balancing my love for music and relationships and finding time for both. This inspired the visual concept for the arcade machine game that I animated…as Amy Winehouse once said ‘Love Is A Losing Game.’” explained FØNX.

Produced by Grammy winner Tommaso Colliva (Muse, Damon Albarn), “Don’t Feel Like Lovin’” is the follow up of FØNX’ chart-topping single “Can’t get Enough.” Stay tuned for new tour dates and music from him this year.