Infatuation Takes Over The Streets Of Berlin In Zoology’s “Waterfalls”

Dreamy pop for those who’ve found their infatuation.

Photo: Courtesy of Whiteboard PR

In 90s vintage style, Canadian/British duo Zoology takes us through the streets of Berlin where we get to vicariously stroll around through the lens of two young people. The soft visuals and aerated beats take you into a dreamy stratosphere as you let the duo give you a tour of the city. The song itself induces a kind of rapturous ADD where your mind starts levitating away in a Zoological fashion:

In regards to the track, the duo shared that it’s a song about “losing yourself in the amazement of somebody else.”

“Waterfalls” is from Zoology’s EP, Bloom, which was released on January 19th of this year. Comprised of Emily Krueger and Beau Diakowicz, Zoology formed when the two met over the web and while being on the opposite side of the Atlantic coasts, they’ve managed to produce their first track “Escape” last year. Now with an EP under their belt, the duo is getting ready to hit the stages together:

3/6 – The Waiting Room (London, UK)