WNT-AL-N “Way Out” Is Your New Favorite Electropot

And by electropot, we mean a melting pot of electropical and trip hop.

Photo: Courtesy of LaFamous PR

Rising artist WNT-AL-N (pronounced as ‘went all in’) is a rare breed in the trip hop realm – he doesn’t follow the formulaic hooks or basic rhythms, but rather create his own palette by smearing electropical, pop, and trip hop together. His latest single “Way Out” is built on unexpected tweaks and spliced beats that yield an exquisitely offbeat groove. Just hit play and you’ll understand:

WNT-AL-N co-produced the song with The Art Teacher, who is known for producing other major artists such as Dr. Dre. In regards to his identity, WNT-AL-N remains a little bit mysterious but we know that he has been leading a nomadic lifestyle as a kid. He’s moved more than 30 times and has lived in all over the world including Hong Kong, Atlanta, Denver, Tokyo, and Singapore – which ain’t surprising considering the hodgepodge of influences that are represented in his sound. Make sure to keep WNT-AL-N under your radar this year.