AWKWARD i Teaches Us The Art Of Farming Happiness In “Road Is Rock”

It only takes a farmhouse and lots of colors.

Photo: Tim Knol

Amsterdam-based artist AWKWARD i gives us a simplistic and chromatic view towards life in his new video “Road Is Rock” where we see a group of adults in a farm working in rote motion without showing a hint of expression. As the video goes on, they start dancing and smiling together – it almost looks like they’ve found a way out of the toxic banality of life by embracing the moment. Built on banjo strings, flowing violin, and foot-stomping staccato, “Road Is Rock” stands in the terrain of lo-fi folk where its bittersweet undertones echo the sentiments expressed by AWKARD i. Watch below:

Djurre de Haan is the mastermind behind AWKWARD i, who has been songsmithing since 2007 and has already released three full-length albums. “Road Is Rock” is from his upcoming album KYD, which will be out on February via Excelsior Recordings. The record’s title is based on a word De Haan read in an article about unconventional communities. “A woman had the idealistic idea of allowing her son to choose his own name. She waited until he was old enough to decide for himself. When she finally asked him, he told her his name was ‘Kyd’. Because, up to this point, people had always been referring to him as such.”

KYD is a depiction of Djure’s own personal growth and journey in the past few years. He unexpectedly became a parent and almost lost his mother to a stroke. Amidst all these major events, KYD finds Djurre trying to rebuild his identity by using the experiences. He will start hitting the stages this spring, so make sure to check him out live:

4/23 – Paradiso (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

5/3 – Podium Victorie (Alkmaar, Netherlands)

5/11 – Ekko (Utrecht, Netherlands)

5/17 – Merleyn (Nijmegen, Netherlands)

5/18 – Altstadt Eindhoven (Eindhoven, Netherlands)

5/19 – Simplon Kleine Zaal (Groningen, Netherlands)

5/25 – Neushoorn (Leeuwarden, Netherlands)

5/31 – Hedon (Zwolle, Netherlands)