Aylee Gives Us Pristine Ethereal Dose Of Youthful Imperfections In Her EP ‘Pure Youth’

The unglamorous and joyous sides of youth.

Photo: Courtesy of Whiteboard PR

After teasing us with “UVHAZE,” Scottish songstress Aylee has finally dropped her five-track EP Pure Youth, where she taps into the emotional ups and downs of being young, in love, or reaching quarter midlife crisis. Her croons and echoes crystallize in the breathing ambience of the melody, yielding an ethereal effect. Each song has its own mesmeric charm to it where Aylee’s vocals capture the unglamorous and joyous initial stages of adulting. Stream below:

Two of the songs from the EP, “Bad Habit” and “Real”, have already landed in major playlists. Aylee, who is formally known as Eilidh Hadden, has already been building buzz across BBC radio and international press.