Corina Corina’s “BAR$” Is Your Love/Hate Relationship Song With Hustling

90s R&B and pop

Photo: Courtesy of Effective Immediately PR

Brooklyn-based alternative soul/pop artist Corina Corina explores our complicated relationship with hustling in her new badass bossbitch single “BAR$” where she vicariously takes us behind the bar counter where she dissects her ambivalent emotions. Weighing both the empowering and exhausting aspects of hustling, Cornia claims her bosshood over the gig that has helped her sustain her creative endeavors. “BAR$” is not only a motivational and dance-inducing kick to your butt, but an anthem that your inner hustler can relate. Stream below:

“BAR$” is from Corina’s upcoming third full-length album, which will be out later this year. Having independently self-released two solo albums, Corina Corina has been making waves in the R&B/pop scene for her knack of blending 90s elements with contemporary edgy style. She has toured across the US and performed at South by Southwest in Austin and North by Northwest in Toronto. As of now, she is gearing towards releasing her new record.