Elevate Your Dance Pop Game With Disco Shrine’s “Up In The Air”

For dancers, risk-takers, and dreamers out there.

Photo: Courtesy of Mora May Agency

LA-based Disco Shrine exhibits the same type of hit-level rhythmic charm of mainstream producers, but digs into more profound themes in her music. Her latest single “Up In The Air” lives up to its title with its swollen beats and inflated ambience that take your dancing game to a higher level. But it’s not the type of song where you mindlessly dance to its melody – on the contrary, the lyrics are the treasure chest of this song. Disco Shrine shares the uncertainty and grit of her parents who moved from Iran to America, reminding us of the sacrifices and strength that took to get here. Stream below:

“This song is about my parents immigrating to America from Iran after escaping the Iranian revolution in the 70’s. ‘Up In The Air’ paints a picture of them literally up in the air on their plane ride over to America, leaving the past behind and looking towards their new future. It’s also symbolic of their whole lives suddenly being up in the air, uncertain, and not knowing what to expect at all. It’s more so in my mother’s perspective and the strength she had to leave her whole life behind to bring a better life for her children and family. ” shared Disco Shrine.

Jessica Delijani is the gal behind Disco Shrine, who released her first EP Soft Fur back in 2015 Since then, she has become the official Lights and Music Collective DJ and has toured across the US where she performed at Dance Yourself Clean, Candi Pop, and Beyonce Vs. Rihanna. She’s planning to make more releases in the upcoming months and will be playing a show in Hollywood next month, so see her live: