Krantz’ “Run Away With Me” Will Rock You Out Of Your Rut

For everyone who feels stuck

Photo: Courtesy of Effective Immediately PR

Nashville-based alt/psyche rockers Krantz take the sound of old rock’n’roll and mold it with psyche and folk elements in their new single “Run Away With Me.” It’s an explosive, motivational booster where the unfiltered lyrics and punchy percussions serve as reminders to not play a bit part in life. In their new single, Krantz find the perfect balance in preserving the old aura of rock while also adding their own rhythmic twist to it. Even if you don’t like rock, “Run Away With Me” has an undeniable catchy beat:

The song is based on frontman Jeffrey “Danger” Krantz’ experience of becoming tired of playing in cover bands and side gigs on Broadway in Nashville. After releasing his self-produced solo record, Krantz teamed up with Erik Theiling (bass), Tee Tallent (keys) and Monica Lewellen (percussion/vocals) to become the band that it is today. “Run Away With Me” is from Krantz’ upcoming EP, which will be out on April 27th.