Let’s Mars Takes Us Into The Edgy Underground Of R&B In “History”

“I know we got history but let’s forget the past for a while”

Photo: Courtesy of YAWA Media

Exhaling a seductive smokiness, Let’s Mars’ “History” is a dark and celestial piece where you get buried within the rustling samples and dark ambience. The song feels like different electronic layers that are stretched into one wave where Let’s Mars slices them up with edgy synths, adding both sharpness and dreaminess to “History.” Watch the video below:

Comprised of Los Angeles native Talia Londoner and Israeli multi-instrumentalist Oren Emanuel, Let’s Mars is a Tel Aviv-based duo that has currently been making a buzz with their dark edgy sound. “History” is from their upcoming debut album Always 15 Minutes Late, which will be out this year. The duo will also be announcing festival performances in Europe soon, so make sure to keep an eye on them.

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