Art Of Shades Captures Mellow R&B Euphoria In “Undone” Ft. Sylo Nozra

Dark R&B flow.

Photo: Art of Shades – Undone feat Sylo Nozra (Official Video) YouTube

Paris-based Franco-Italian producer Art of Shades takes us under the neon lights in his new video “Undone” featuring Toronto artist Sylo Nozra. “Undone” exhibits a slow-burning rhythm that captures the mellowness of late hours of the night. Built on fumes of R&B and echoing waves, “Undone” takes you into a flow state of serenity that feels out of this world’s space-and-time continuum. Stream below:

Leonardo Dessi is the mastermind behind Art of Shades, who released his first single “All Away” back in 2013. For his latest single “Undone,” Dessi worked between Paris and Toronto with Sylo. “Undone” is a taste of his upcoming EP, which he has been working on with various collaborators from North America. He will be sharing more news on his upcoming EP soon, so sit tight.