NÖEP’s “New Heights” Is Cheery Melancholic Ode To Lost Love

Celebratory grief for love

Photo: Courtesy of Outpost

Blending subtle elements of electropical and melancholic pop, NÖEP chants about lost love – specifically unrealized love – in his new single “New Heights.” Contrary to the heavy heart of the subject, the song is a slick and warm synthpop banger where the glimmering chords get uplifted by the bursting synths. “Just a taste of what we could have been, / What it might feel like, / It all comes back to me” chants the Estonian artist. For all the romances that got away, “New Heights” feels like a celebratory anthem for finding closure. Stream below:

Andres Kōpper is the man behind NÖEP, who debuted his single “Move” back in 2015,.The track quickly caught fire in the Estonian music scene and since then, NÖEP has become one of the vanguards of electronic music in Estonia. Having already racked 11 million streams on Spotify, NOËP is probably plotting his world domination…musically, of course.