Sofia Härdig’s “Illuminate” Goes Out To All The Nocturnal Creators & Heroes

This is what Batman would play in his batmobile

Photo: Courtesy of Birds Will Sing For You

Swedish rocktronica artist Sofia Härdig captures the loneliness and peaking creativity (or madness) that happen during the late hours of the night in her new single “Illuminate.” Blending experimental samples, rock’s grittiness, and icy ambience, Sofia carves an expansive soundscape that is soothing but dark as well. If you were looking for a song to accompany you during the late hours of the night, “Illuminate” hits the spot:

“I worked with the song ‘Illuminate’ alone in my studio for many long, lonesome nights. It was just the studio, the stars and I, while I played all the instruments, made the soundscape and recorded the single in solitude. Later, I invited over some friends to improvise over the track. Guitarist John Essing and bass player Mats Hellquist, both from the band ‘bob hund’, but also a classical pianist and cellist respectively, added parts to the soundscape of ‘Illuminate.’ I brought all the new recordings back into the studio – tore them apart, rebuilt them and made arrangements, as if I was a mad scientist in my lab. I then brought in Jari Haapalainen to produce the songs. The solitary fashion in which ‘Illuminate’ was crafted reflects the mood of the single.” shared Sofia.

Having worked with big Swedish artists, including Grammy winners The Hellacopters and bob hund, Sofia is no amateur when it comes to her craft.