Witness The Choreographic Metamorphosis Of Love Into Hate In Dries Van Haute’s “Games”

Slo-mo disintegration of a relationship

Photo: Ramzy Bentrand

If you are into soul-searching and blast Frank Ocean, then Belgian soulful artist Dries Van Haute is up in your alley. His vocals exhibit a comforting mellowness, but are also able to highlight emotions with cinematic effect. His latest single “Games” is a slow-burning tense track where you feel hanging at the precipice of the climactic fall. The video, directed by Frank Luckaz, depicts a couple that choreographically show us how their love turns into hate. Watch below:

“This relationship starts off the wrong way and spirals into a destructive love,” explained Dries. “The text is repetitive, as we make the same mistakes over and over again, while the music builds up like the tension between two lovers who can’t seem to work things out, until they reach a point where they blow the whole thing up.”

“Games” is from Dries’ new EP, Blue Roses, which you can stream below (it’s also available in other streaming platforms if you are meh about Spotify):