Foreign Air’s “Chakra Daemon” Is About Your Artificial Subconsciousness

It’s like artificial intelligence but with superpowers

Photo: Foreign Air Facebook

North Carolina/DC duo Foreign Air is not just your basic two-piece act pressing buttons onstage, but mad scientists who bring futuristic beats and ideas into their sound. Their latest single “Chakra Daemon” explores the idea of artificial subconsciousness and if you don’t know what that is, it’s like intuition 2.0…so similar to how artificial intelligence is a revamped version of human intelligence, AS is the same cool shit but related with your subconscious. The song is a blend of nu-ambience and futuristic pop that sounds something your AS would recommend playing:

Foreign Air hasn’t announced any record release plans, but they’ve shared upcoming show dates:

5/15 – Opera House (Toronto, Canada)

5/16 – L’astral (Montreal, Canada)

5/18 – Union Transfer (Philadelphia, PA, USA)

5/19 – Royale (Boston, MA, USA)

5/22 – Brooklyn Steel (Brooklyn, NY, USA)

5/23 – 9:30 Club (Washington, DC, USA)

5/25 – The Underground (Charlotte, NC, USA)

5/26 – Center Stage (Atlanta, GA, USA)

5/27 – Music Farm (Charleston, SC, USA)

5/29 – Saturn (Birmingham, AL, USA)

5/30 – Marathon Music Works (Nashville, TN, USA)