Luke Reed’s “I’m Dreaming” Is Silent Explosion Of Dream Pop

Silent explosion

Photo: Courtesy of The Native Sound

Massachusetts-based artist Luke Reed is the type of artist who can craftily make something out of its opposite element. His latest dream pop single “I’m Dreaming” is built on a pandemonium of jangling beats and bursting synths that clash together continuously that they end up yielding this consistent, lo-fi buzz. It is almost as if the different beats happening at once cancel each other out and you’re left suspended in the weightless yet rich melodic sphere. Stream below:

“I’m Dreaming” is Luke’s first single of this and his collaborative project with Tea Leigh. Luke’s recent debut LP, Won’t Be There, was re-released via The Native Sound last year, which you can stream below:

Unfortunately, Luke isn’t a big social media person. But you can find him on Instagram and Spotify.