Millie Turner Gives Us A Taste Of Eureka Rush In Her Single “The Shadow”

Eureka between you and your shadow.

Photo: Courtesy of Whiteboard PR

London-based songstress Millie Turner captures the creative ‘flow state’ that happen while you walk with your shadow in her new blood-rushing synthpop single “The Shadow.” The track is built on different sonic shades where she hopscotches from haunting meditations to uptempo synth chords. Watch the video below:

“It’s a story of a girl who decides to go on this journey by herself and starts walking. There’s an image of her walking with her shadow, reflecting on the internal empowerment and acceptance of her inner-creativity.” shared Millie.

“The Shadow” is the follow up of her single “Eyes On You,” which has already gathered more than 350k streams. No announcements regarding record or show dates have been made yet.