Everett Bird’s “Bucket Of Dark Meat” Will Help You File Your Divorce With Anxiety

Indie rock sprayed with jazz and R&B.

Photo: Courtesy of Auteur Research

Montreal trio Everett Bird helps to ward off anxiety with their new dreamy and buzzy single “Bucket Of Dark Meat” – a slick compositional cocktail of rock, jazz, and R&B that snaps you out of the delusional rat race. If you ever felt overwhelmed by not being busy for the sake of being busy like everyone, then this track will help you regain your sanity again and enjoy the moment:

“‘Bucket of Dark Meat’ is about that feeling of anxiety that takes over when it seems like everyone is being more productive than you. On the other end, it’s a song about suppressing that feeling with things that make you happy.” explained the band.

The track is taken from their upcoming album, People Person, which will be out on February 23rd via Royal Mountain Records. It was a record that the trio describe as “fueled by GURU Energy Drinks, Pilsners and twenty years of friendship.” The trio hasn’t announced show dates yet, but make sure to keep an eye on them.