Humble & Blisse’s “Only One” Is Fluorescent Electropop To Light Up Your Dancefloor

Disco ball in melodic form.

Photo: Courtesy of No Big Deal PR

If you ever need to hoard people to the dancefloor, then spin Humble & Blisse’s new single “Only One” and you’ll see how they start populating like fireflies. There is something radiating in the production of the song that evokes imageries of neon and fluorescent lights or a giant disco ball. The hip-hop touch gives it a speedy rush that makes “Only One” more than just a hooky song – it’s a catchy hyphenated track of groovy pop and cutting-edge choruses. Stream below:

Teaming up with Majestic Casual, the Swedish duo shared “Only One” as a way to show “a happier, more groovy side of us. We mixed what we love about old school disco/soul with a modern approach.”

Humble & Blisse have worked with other artists such as Astrid S, Elias, Marlene, and more in the past. We don’t know much about them except that they’re shaking the synthpop scene with their magnetic beats and have already accumulated over 300k on Spotify.