March Into The Garage Rock’N’Roll Arena With Death By Unga Bunga’s Single “Soldier”

Say ‘Unga Bunga’ fast for a minute.

Photo: Marius Eriksen

Death By Unga Bunga is such an amazing fucking name for a band. This Norwegian quintet just nailed it by using underused words “unga bunga” that denote cool shit. Just rolling them around your tongue and feeling their weight…it’s the equivalent of chocolate melting in your mouth. Anyways, back to what this article is supposed to talk about. Today, the Norwegian quartet released their new single “Soldier,” which is a blend of garage rock and acid pop for the trooper spirits out there. Smash that play button below:

“Soldier” is from Death By Unga Bunga’s upcoming fifth album, So Far So Good So Cool, which will be out on April 6th via Jansen. Having wrapped their Norwegian tour and first healdiner tour in the US last year, Death By Unga Bunga have more show dates coming up this year:

4/28 – Vulkan Arena (Oslo, Norway)

6/9 – Kulturtorget Mysen (Mysen, Norway)