Sing Your Sins With Patrick Dorgan’s “Safe Here”

Your new soulful banger + bucket list of sins

Photo: Courtesy of Copenhagen Records

Next time you’re confronted to confess your sins, just play Patrick Dorgan’s “Safe Here” – he’ll do the job for you and even go above and beyond. The rising Danish artist utilizes retro ambience of soul to create an emotionally loaded atmosphere where he candidly confesses secrets you’ll take to your gravestone. The raw, gritty voice of Patrick is a nerve-banging euphony that builds a glorious panorama of hedonism that drives us down the freeway of pulverized ‘morals’ and exquisite madness: Granted, you may not have had a rated R trip to Mexico (“I still remember Mexico”) or engaged in threesome (“The three of us playing around naked”), but you know the feeling of being torn by guilt and pleasure. “Safe Here” is not for the innocent:

Originally from Copenhagen, Patrick Dorgan started singing at a young age and released his first single “On The Way Down” back in 2014. The song got picked up by Denmark’s largest pop radio stations and stayed on Top 20 for months. He released his first album Painkllers back in January 2016, which received critical acclaim in the soul and R&B scene. As of now, he has a show coming up:

5/4 – Portalen (Greve, Denmark)