Bird Concerns’ “The Monster” Is For Everyone Who Did A Meh Job In Reaching Salvation

Yes, we’re talking about YOU.

Photo: Courtesy of Mora May Agency

LA-based quartet Bird Concerns knows that we tend to half-ass when it comes to sorting through our own baggage – and that’s why the quartet dropped the new single “The Monster.” It’s a garage piece that also exudes surf rock and grunge aura, tilting you towards the 90s territory. Using religious metaphors, “The Monster” depicts our daily inner struggles that we all quietly suffer and do a C+ job in actually addressing them. Stream below:

The Monster is inspired by my own struggles with depression, anxiety and misplaced guilt. It’s a song about learning to accept yourself and in turn give acceptance to others” explained bassist/vocalist Marcus Buser.

The other members of Bird Concerns are Travis Meador (guitar/vocals), Jake Sucher (guitar/vocals) and Cooper Woken (drums/vocals) who began playing together as fellow CalArts students. Bird Concerns has recently wrapped up their West Coast tour and garnering buzz across the media with their previous single “Oh Well” and “The Monster.”