Floor Eight Share Their Personal Heaven In Prog Rock Single “Plan H”

“I don’t mind if there’s a plan for me / Or if this plan is going to work”

Photo: Courtesy of YAWA Media

Tel Aviv-based quartet Floor Eight brings a distinctive form of rawness into the progressive rock arena with their single “Plan H” where they invite you to their own personal heaven. Beyond the bass-guitar-drums triangle, there is a soothing form of warmth to it that resembles the intimate air of an acoustic session – and this is where the rawness lies. “Plan H” is a journey to a heavenly space, but also a reminder to practice mindfulness:

“Plan H” is from their upcoming album Completely Dismissed, which will be out later this year. In regards to the upcoming record, the band shared, “‘Completely Dismissed’ is a concept that strongly relates to a belief we share regarding the carelessness, and apathy society is demonstrating towards the environment we share. Using the art and the music we create, we want to get more people to be more present in the moment, rather than living in an unconscious, autopilot like mindset.”

Formed back in 2014, Floor Eight is comprised of May (vocals, guitar), Johnny (guitar), Maor (bass), and Oran (drums) who quickly built a wide fanbase across the music scene in their hometown city Eilat. The band relocated to Tel Aviv in 2016 and have been working with producer Or Lubianiker throughout 2017 on their debut album.