Listen To Sundial’s “Who Cares!” While You Do You

“I’m just tryna do me”

Photo: Courtesy of Cent Pour Cent

Electropop duo Sundial take us up to the cloud 9 level of our relationships with ourselves in their new single “Who Cares!” It’s a fist-pumping, DGAF synthpop piece that is perfect shut off haters and embrace every moment of you doing you. Incorporating electropical elements, “Who Cares!” feels like a sunny celebratory track that you’ll be spinning from an open beach party to the safe confinements of your room:

Comprised of Jisu and Dorothy who met at the Berklee College of Music, Sundial broke into the scene with their 2016 single “Your Text,” which accumulated millions of streams on Spotify. Since then, they’ve released their EP Yours and have dropped a series of singles throughout 2017. No record or tour announcements have been made yet.