Chill In The Friendzone With Frills’ “We Can Be Friends”

A very chill dreamy piece for the chillest

Photo: Frills Facebook

Our society tend to treat frienzone like a form of social bubonic plague, but actually it’s one of the best places to be in – it’s drama-free and super chill. And if you want to be the chillest of all, you should hit Frills’ “We Can Be Friends.” The latest single from the Brooklyn duo is a multi-layered piece of paradisiacal synthpop that takes you into this mellow warm flow. The strings, fuzzy synths, and echoing choruses all evoke island images where you’re acing the art of doing nothing with your friends…or C-H-I-L-L-I-N-G:

Frills is comprised of Simon Oscroft (Midnight Youth & MOTHXR) and Dan Gibson (Streets of Laredo) who started collabing together back in 2016. Their latest singles “We Can Be Friends” and “Dam Girl” is spreading like wildfire on Spotify. The duo hasn’t made any show/record announcements yet.

Also, we’re aware we overused the word ‘chill’ (which wasn’t chill), so we’ll be banning that word for the rest of the week. Instead we listed some alternatives we’ll be using:


Hang out

In Xanax mode

Laid back


In a happy place

Not awake


See what we did there?