Jackson MacIntosh’s “Can It Be Love” Is Kinda Sorta A Love Song For Creative Nomads

“I’ve got a lover in another town / You’ve got some lovers in some other towns too”

Photo: Panos Georgiou

Montreal-based artist Jackson MacIntosh has recently embarked on his solo journey as a musician after being TOPS bassist and collaborating with artists such as Drugdealer and Bernardino Femminielli. His new single “Can It Be Love” is a laidback, slick piece of pop that navigates through the fluttering emotions we experience when meeting someone while on the road. You may experience an instant connection with them, but you always feel the need to keep a foot out the door:


Jackson shared he was listening to Momus’ “Timelord” during the time he was writing the new track. “It influenced the sonic palette and lackadaisical vocal delivery. I was also feeling like a bit of a timelord myself. I’d just moved back to Montreal from LA and the lyrics bemoan traveling all the time when you’d rather be with someone you care about. A classic musician’s dilemma, a classic songwriting subject (see: most of Hejira by Joni Mitchell). You’re hoping you’ve fallen in love, but you’re not around to find out. If your phone still works, I’ll call you and we’ll talk about it.”

“Can It Be Love?” is from Jackson’s upcoming debut record My Dark Side, which will be out on March 2nd.