Kid Wave Nails The Restlessness & Pain Of Your Quarter Midlife Crisis In “Twenty Four”

“Am I too old for my mistakes?”

Photo: Kid Wave Facebook

UK-based band Kid Wave paints the emotional ambivalence of being young in their new single “Twenty Four.” If you are a 20-something going through your quarter midlife crisis (it hits you…actually, slaps your face as you approach mid-20s), then “Twenty Four” is your life’s soundtrack. The self-described ‘situationship’ (what a great term) lovers bring bittersweet strings and nostalgic ohhh-ing echoes that walk through ever type of emotion and thought that has run through your veins at this point in your life. “I am a lover of restless lives” chants singer Lea Emmery. This goes out for everyone who are young, but not considered young enough to afford making mistakes:

Lea Emmery is the mastermind behind Kid Wave, who started the band back in 2014. Currently based in London, Kid Wave is currently invading radio stations across UK and playlists around the world with “Twenty Four.” Make sure to check out Kid Wave live if you happen to be in London this month:

2/22 – Sebright Arms (London, UK)