Relive The Intimate Clichés That Never Die With Croatia’s “Make Circles”

80s-tinted synthpop

Photo: Courtesy of Auteur Research

Canadian quartet Croatia takes us under the dark neon lights of a motel room in their new video “Make Circles.” Soaked with 80s pop vibe, “Make Circles” exhales fumes of darkness that captures the furtive and guilty pleasure of clichés that come with intimacy – you know what we’re talking about. All the starry-eyed emotions and behaviors that would make you eyeroll if someone else did it – yet you would totally do it if you had the chance. Play:

“The band first approached me with the idea of the opening shot: a cigarette burning in a kind of David Lynch style motel room. The original plan was to simply shoot various hands picking up the cigarette. We’d also shoot a few different images to overlay, including one of the band in the pink/blue light that I had set up. As soon as I saw the band in the light I became really excited about how vibrant it looked. We came up with a variety of ideas for shots on the fly as we were filming. During the editing process I wanted to cut and overlay the images together in a way that would really enhance the moodiness of the song.” shared video Director Rob Willey.

The song is from their forthcoming EP, Half Dreams, which will be out this spring. Based in Victoria, BC, Croatia formed back in 2015 and has been shaking the synthpop scene with their knack for cross-pollinating multiple genres and eras. The four-piece will be sharing more music and news soon, so keep them in your circle.