Captain Kidd’s “Bleed” Is Ethereal Hemorrhage Of Bliss & Nostalgia

Blood-rushing synthpop.

Photo: Liberty Music PR

Ohio-based psychedelic pop quartet Captain Kidd is going viral on streams, charts, and radios with their new ethereal single “Bleed.” It’s the type of aerated pop that sends nostalgic chills down the spine and pushes you to unexpected sonic water – in one instance, you are suspended in a dreamy sphere whereas in another you get submerged into the bittersweet waters. Despite the chest-swelling rhythm, there is an awareness of impending loneliness throughout the track. The beating drums and synths all throb like a vulnerable heart longing for utopian days:

“‘Bleed’ was the product of a weekend-long cabin getaway to middle of nowhere southern Ohio.  We initially went to the cabin to work on a couple of existing ideas we had been struggling with, but ended up writing several new ideas via some impromptu jam sessions – one of which turned into this track. We wanted “Bleed” to feel nostalgic, like a fond look back on some forgotten, perfect summer day that really never existed except in our memory of it.” shared the band.

“Bleed” is the follow up of their viral single “Wild” which already charted #1 on Hype Machine, featured on iHeart Radio, and became a hit on Spotify. From dive bars to supporting acts such as Glass Animals and Capital Cities, Captain Kidd has quickly become one of the most sought out bands lately. If you happen to be in Ohio this month, make sure to see them live:

2/16 – Rumba Café (Columbus, OH, USA)