Hearts Hearts Take Us Into Cursed Eden In “Phantom/Island”

This is what a haunted paradise looks like

Photo: David Meran

With an expansive sound that send blood-tingling vibrations through your body, Hearts Hearts take your imagination and isolates it in a haunting, paradisiacal island in their new video “Phantom/Island.” It’s a dense and celestial piece built on grand riffs that keep you afloat in pensive state. The video takes you to a remote island where the sight of nature and soft color radiate a pristine aura that makes it look like heaven. But as you keep watching, you see dark elements that lie beneath such purity. Watch below:

“Phantom/Island” is the lead single from Hearts Hearts’ upcoming record Goods/Gods, which will be out in April. Since the release of their debut record Young, the quartet from Vienna has been breaking into the experimental rock/pop scene with their mind-stretching noise. Hearts Hearts have some show dates coming up in spring, but expect more announcements from the four as we near April:

5/8 – Kantine am Berghain (Berlin, Germany)

5/17 – WUK (Vienna, Austria)