Koda’s “White Dove” Is Your New Favorite Indietronic Diss Track

Song to help you survive sh*tholes

Photo: Jack McKain

Los Angeles-based artist Koda shares his own personal diss track, “White Dove,” to help us deal with uncontrollable assholes who want to watch the world burn. Even though we labeled it as “indietronica,” the track hovers around post-rock and nu-gaze territories where we get the same surrealistic/dreamy melodic vibe of Radiohead. The rich riffs and ethereal air propels you to a cathartic space where you do an anger detox:

“‘White Dove’ was my first song that flowed directly from anger. it was this confluence of my angst toward the recent election – the bitter spitefulness from the bully right who I had so much experience with growing up in South Carolina – and this restrictive regime I was trapped under in my personal life. Before I titled and finished the song it was a barebones beat with me sort of freestyling over it – literally titled ‘diss track’ on my desktop. It’s the most cathartic song and direct song for me, about how some people can’t help but take, take, take from you” shared Koda.

Jordan Sudak is the mastermind behind Koda who spent half of his life living in three different countries. Initially, Koda started as a side project for Jordan but after breaking 20 million streams, Jordan decided to move to LA and hone his craft full time. “White Dove” is from his upcoming debut LP, I Hope This Makes Us Better, which he hasn’t disclosed any release date yet.


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