Let’s Go Wild With Isador’s Chaotic Single “Jungle”

Savage electropop.

Photo: Courtesy of No Big Deal PR

Rising artist Isador builds his own sonic ecosystem with stormy beats and explosive synths that herd your adrenalines into the cusp between chaos and euphony with his single “Jungle.” Like its title, the melodic structure is complex and moves with a breakneck intensity that can only be described as ‘savage.’ If you need to cry out any lingering frustrations or simply party your ass off, “Jungle” is your gateway:

“I wrote ‘Jungle’ when I was living with my parents in New Jersey,” explains Heller. “I had just been signed to a record deal and was traveling to New York for meetings. It was an intense inflection point in my life. I was trying to figure out how to transition between these two worlds; realizing that I was leaving the comfort and safety of the house I grew up in for a city and industry that could never live up to the dreams I had for them,” shared Isador. “‘Jungle’ is me realizing it was time to move forward regardless.”

Isador is the brainchild of Warren Heller, who keeps a low online profile for now. We don’t know much about him except that he looks like this:

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