Luke Burr’s Voice Will Convince You That It Is Possible To Get High Through Your Earholes

His debut R&B single “Too Far Gone” is out now.

Photo: Courtesy of Whiteboard PR

Essex-based artist Luke Burr hits us with his vocal prowess with his debut single “Too Far Gone,” an ascending R&B piece packed with an emotional intensity that keeps amplifying as you listen further. But what makes “Too Far Gone” is not its smoky production, but Luke Burr’s voice. Aside from its crispiness, Luke demonstrates a slick transition from high pitch notes to descending lows without any abrupt breaks. It’s almost as if his voice is a melodic playground slide that effortlessly glides you from one point to another. Stream below:

“For me “Too Far Gone” is about not giving up. It’s a feeling where you’ve given so much to something that you can’t ever walk away.” explained Luke

Luke will be performing live next month around London, so make sure to check the 22-year-old in person:

3/8 – The Urban Bar Whitechapel (London, UK)

3/29 – The Finsbury Pub (London, UK)