No No Yeah Okay’s New EP ‘Cabal’ Is A Dreamy Bite Of Reality

Electro-soul for the pains & gains of life.

Photo: Courtesy of LaFamouse PR

Wisconsin-based band No No Yeah Okay has finally dropped their new EP Cabal, a five-track cruise into the electro-soul waters where the quartet gives us a dreamy bite of reality. Despite its swollen synths and bouncy rhythms, the tracks in Cabal are intimate and unfiltered accounts of the different life experiences that are not always starry-eyed. Unpeeling the layers of anxiety, doubt, hope, and love that pile our existence, No No Yeah Okay walks us through different routes of self-discovery while keeping our ears on cloud 9:

Comprised of Mark Gage, Christopher Quasius, Colin Plant, and Josh Paynter, No No Yeah Okay formed back in 2014 and has been making buzz across local radio stations.

You can get Cabal literally everywhere.