Sway Clarke’s “Friend Zone” Is For All Of Us Who Got Exiled To The Friend Zone

Welcome to the club.

Photo: Courtesy of Whiteboard PR

When it comes to any of your romantic interests/exes, friend zone tends to be the social death zone that everyone wants to avoid. Because you are ‘friends’ you need to pretend to be happy for them and can only moderately criticize them in passive aggressive form. Sway Clarke captures this awkward and comical state of being friendzoned by your ex in his new soulful single “Friend Zone.” The colorful and playful beats mock the absurdity that is masked beneath the ‘friendship etiquette’ your ex demands from you. Eyeroll and hit play:

“This song is about that lovely role you get moved into after your longtime girlfriend leaves you for another dude, but still wants to be friends.” shared Sway Clarke.

Originally from Canada, Sway Clarke is currently based in Berlin and has recently left a major record label to exercise more flexibility. He’ll be delivering new jams later this year, so patiently wait for them in the friend zone.


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