The King’s Parade Defy Gender Barriers In Their Empowering Single “Woman”

Alt soul banger/finger towards gender inequality

Photo: The King’s Parade Facebook

UK quartet The King’s Parade voices their opinion towards gender inequality in their new empowering single “Woman.” But unlike other recent songs that tap into this issue, The King’s Parade try to remove gender barriers by putting themselves into the shoes of their opposite genders. They do not take an accusatory or preachy approach, but rather an empathetic one that also expresses their admiration towards women. The song itself is a reflective nest that has been intricately weaved with breezy synths and warm strings, where the frontman Olly Corpe humbly gives you the perspective of a male feminist on inequality:

“I see it every day and it never changes. It seems that it’s ingrained and that there’s just this biological barrier that we men can’t or won’t break down. The idea behind the chorus was to try and make the phrase ‘Like a Woman’ celebratory and empowering, rather than derogatory or belittling. It conveys the strength and determination/force of a woman breaking through.”

“Woman” is the follow up of their latest EP, Haze, which was released last year and made waves across BBC radios and major press around the globe. If you haven’t already, make sure to check it out: