New Portals Capture The Denouement Of Heartbreak In Their New Single “Inch”

Minimalistic and atmospheric song for heartaches.

Photo: Courtesy of Wilful Publicity

Irish duo New Portals address one of the most gut-wrenching and heavy parts of a relationship in their new single “Inch.” Quietly nudging us into a dark atmosphere, the crystal-cutting vocals take you into the slow-burning reality of a relationship that has lost its chemistry. The minimalistic production of “Inch” lets each beat and lyric breath into you individually – it’s almost as if the song is modeled after how we process each thought that leads to the realization of an ending relationship. Stream below:

“The song is about the difficult decision to be made in a relationship when it seems like the spark has gone.” shared New Portals.

Following their widely acclaimed EP Stereo last year, New Portals have released a series of bouncy singles such as “Sober.” With “Inch” the duo takes a darker and serene trajectory where they tap into a heavy topic with as much weightless production as possible. The duo hasn’t revealed new show dates yet.