SOBBRS Breezes Through Faux Love In His New Electropop Single “Forcefield”

“You went through my forcefield / Now the holes you left / Are taking long to heal”

Photo: Courtesy of Rank & File Co

Austin-based Mexican artist SOBBRS sweeps you off to a playful and breezy soundscape with his new single “Forcefield.” Despite its melodic buoyancy, “Forcefield” lyrically addresses fake romance with someone who half-asses through the relationship. It is a mood booster that helps you dance off all the emotional baggage that you walk out of a faux love. And even if you can’t relate, “Forcefield” has a magnetic hook that

“I started writing this song after I realized all of the songs I was writing for this project were a bit intense. I wanted to write a fun, carefree type of song for this record and although I believe I kinda failed at writing fun lyrics, ‘Forcefield’ still feels breezy and smooth which I love. I’ve always been guarded and seen love from a childish point of view. I wouldn’t say I’m immature, but I tend to idealize and process everything through rose-colored shades when I think I’m in love. It’s natural for me to believe everyone has your best intentions at heart, when in reality, that’s a bit rare to find. This song acknowledges my innately flawed perspective, but also it’s a bit of a fuck you to those who took advantage of that. I’ve learned since then, or I’d like to think so. ” explained SOBBRS.

Jesus Acosta is the mastermind behind SOBBRS, who draws influences from artists such as BANKS, Years & Years, and Lorde. “Forcefield” is the second single from SOBBRS’ upcoming debut EP, Hi-Chroma, which will be out this year.