The Crowleys’ EP ‘Colours Change Their Tones’ Is Your Ticket To Space Pansy Rock

Galactic rock on psychedelics

Photo: The Crowleys Facebook

Canadian quartet The Crowleys revamps galactic rock by injecting it with psychedelics in their new EP Colours Change Their Tones. The self-described ‘space pansy rock’ pioneers give a kaleidoscopic twist that explodes with atmospheric fireworks. The opener, “Pink Rainbows,” is a soothing introduction to their universe where the echoing vocals and ear-tingling strings lure you like a magnetic field. From then on, each track gets crazier where you hopscotch from shoegaze flood (“Stargazer”) to coastal warmth (“LA Sunset”). Learn the meaning of space pansy rock:

In regard to the title of their EP, The Crowleys shared, “It’s about how a significant person or event can change how you perceive everything around you. Small or dull things that you never notice are suddenly bright and very much in the foreground. Or like a character in a film that falls upon tough times and has literal storm clouds roll overhead. Related to that is how terrifying it is that sudden and small things or occurrences – in the grand scheme of your life – can have huge impacts.”

Comprised of Stuart Downie (drums, backing vocals), Kaulin Horlick (bass), Justyn Horlick (guitar, keys), and Cohen Wylie (guitar, lead vocals), The Crowleys met back in high school and have been making music for nearly a decade. Colours Change Their Tones is the sophomore EP from the quartet and is available on Spotify as well.