Time To Give Yourself Some Self-Love With Morilla’s New Trip Hop Single “Love Me”

Crossover between Flume and The Weeknd.

Photo: Morilla

Aussie artist Morilla (half of Midnight Pool Party) has been demolishing the black-and-white walls of love with his solo project. His latest single “Love Me” is a self-love song where he toys with the intensity of hip hop and deliberate arrangements of synths to craft a nocturnal trip hop soundscape. It feels like a crossover between Flume and The Weeknd. Stream below:

During the time he was writing the song, Morilla was going through a personal transition where he was evaluating his relationships, friendships, and self-worth. “The intention of this song was for me to sing about my experience, and to hopefully empower people the way I felt empowered when I was writing it,” shared Morilla.

Co-produced by Aussie producer cln, “Love Me” is available now in every streaming platform.