Vancouver Sleep Clinic’s “Closure” Is Hip Hop On Sedatives

If you ever messed up a relationship, this is for you.

Photo: Courtesy of Whiteboard PR

Vancouver Sleep Clinic, the brainchild of Tim Bettinson, has unveiled a fresh new ethereal single “Closure.” Collaborating with Drew Love (member grunge duo, THEY), “Closure” is a distinctive sound of hip-hop where the soft, glacial voice of Bettinson takes you into a mental rollercoaster of regrets, amends, and persistence. Falling between the midpoint of anesthetic and exhilarating tune, the track dexterously keeps the air balanced without letting you slip to one end:

“‘Closure’ is a song that happened very naturally and quickly. I was with Drew Love in LA and the whole thing came together in about 4 hours one night we were working. The song is for when you have really screwed a good thing up but are way too attached to let that person go easily. I love coming out with it first because in a way it’s a declaration of intent that I wont be going away any time soon.”

Vancouver Sleep Clinic recently parted ways with his former major label and is now ready to flex his creativity muscle to the fullest. As of now, he hasn’t made any tour or record announcements yet.