Director Alexan & Artist Chita Capture The Dreamy & Poisonous Aftermath Of Heartbreak In “Bring Me Down”

It takes a village to mend a heartbreak.

Photo: Courtesy of Alexan Films

Argentinian Director Alexan Sarikamichian teams up with rising artist Chita for her debut music video “Bring Me Down.” Like Alexan’s previous works, “Bring Me Down” transports you to a surreal celestial world that brings our primal emotions – sexuality, love, grief, and longing – into visual life. The song is stretched into a velvety and fluttering where the seductive croons of Chita reminisce the bliss that she experienced from a poisonous relationship. The video translates the notion of love’s toxicity amplifying the sweetness of it with soft, pastel imageries. Beyond heartbreak, Alexan also highlights the camaraderie around Chita that helps her grieve through the pain. It takes a whole village to recover from a messy breakup:

“It’s about a couple’s stormy relationship; they fight constantly and that wears down the relationship, but at the same time they share this intense sexual connection that keeps them from ending it. With that in mind, plus all the ideas we exchanged along the way, Alexan told me what he’d came up with for a unifying thread for the rest of the story.” shared Chita.

In regards to the film’s aesthetics, Director Alexan explained “The clip is divided into two: the main scene is inspired by ͞The Virgin Suicides͟, the pastel colours, the pink, the girly room, the textures, the roses, I wanted to show something really vintage, romantic and melancholic. I also really like Petra Collins’ work. That scene is cut off by the dreamy trip where she meets with her boyfriend, so we drew inspiration from fashion editorials in order to put some distance between the two scenes, something more current and modern, with glitter, starburst effect, and coloured lights. We showed a lot of skin, vaseline and kitsch paraphernalia.”

“Bring Me Down” is from Chita’s upcoming debut EP, which will be out soon. Born and raised in Buenos Aires, Chita spent two years living in London while working on her EP. Having starred in Alexan’s first film as a director, Chicos (Kids), Chita decided to join forces with Alexan again to give us a taste of her upcomng EP.